Services of converting corporate accounting to international standards


Corporate help

Assist companies in selecting the appropriate version for their activities.


Classification of assets

Classification of assets and liabilities to current or non-current.


Ensure the validity of critical

Ensure the validity of critical accounting estimates, assumptions and assumptions.



Measurement of assets and liabilities at fair value is the price that would be received to sell an asset or paid when a liability was transferred under a systematic transaction between market participants at the measurement date.


financial statements

Assess whether there is an indication of impairment at the date of the financial statements.


international standards

Assist the company using inventory valuation methods that are appropriate to the nature of its business and acceptable in accordance with international standards, and address differences, if any, in case the company uses other methods that are unacceptable.


measuring investment properties

Ensure that the company is properly measuring investment properties, and discuss management to choose the measurement either for the purpose of measurement and reflected in the accounting books of the company or disclosed. And the discussion on the proposed independent valuer to do so.


Ensure that Zakat and tax charges

Ensure that Zakat and tax charges are properly recorded as income or expenses and presented in an acceptable manner in accordance with international standards 


defined benefit

Ensure that the Company calculates the defined benefit obligation periodically by independent actuaries using the projected unit credit method.


calculates the costs

Ensure that the Company calculates the costs of defined benefit obligations on an annual basis using actuarially defined retirement costs at the end of the financial year and ensures that gains and losses on remeasurement arising from changes in actuarial assumptions are recognized during the period in which they occur in acceptable terms.