Tax consultancy

The most important professional services in this section are the following:


Customer registration

Register customers with the General Authority for Income.


Creating financial systems

Preparation of financial systems for customers and their approval of tax regulations issued by the General Authority for  Income.


Preparation of returns and income tax

Prepare returns, income tax, withholding tax and VAT for our clients in accordance with the regulations and submit them in the lists program.


tax certificates

Assist our clients by issuing and tax certificates.


Respond to inquiries

Assist our clients in answering the General Authority of Income inquiries.


Review tax assessments

Review tax assessments for clients issued by the General Authority for Income.


Clients representation

Representing clients in the procedures of objection and appeal on tax assessments submitted by the General Authority for Income Tax.


Training and development

Training and development of awareness and knowledge in the field of tax systems for our customers and provide them with new regulations related to the tax systems and study the impact on them.