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Providing a full range of professional services to clients through

office creation

The Arab Consulting Group office was established in 1996 .
By: Dr. Mamdouh Abdel-Raouf Abdel-Taif
And some of my honorable associates, and since that date, the office has been expanding and growing greatly, thanks to God Almighty and thanks to the workers.The office (Arab Consulting) provides a full range of professional services to the clients of the office with distinguished experience
In all specialized fields. In addition, the office may seek assistance, if the commander is summoned, by specialized foreign experts
(In international and Arab offices) in accordance with professional cooperation agreements between the office and other offices.


And the office of the Arab Consulting Group has a specific mission, which is (helping its clients to succeed) and the ability of the office to help its clients stems from two main factors, which are the strong relationship of the office with the client on the one hand and the full understanding of the client’s needs on the other hand.
As our current skills in these two factors are among the features of the office to provide a distinguished service to the client, and the office is keen on these features and their continuous development and development.



To help clients succeed, the office conducts a study of different companies and focuses on the essential factors for their success. Therefore, the office has developed a simplified framework for the basic components for the success of any project. Through this integrated framework, there is a complete understanding of the client’s needs and working conditions. This framework is determined by the environmental factors that surround and affect the client’s activity, and these factors include economic, political and legal trends, as well as demographic, social and cultural changes, technological development and environmental concerns.